Friday, December 27, 2013

Importance of Note Taking in TOEFL Integrated Tasks

Hello Everyone and welcome back! Last time, I talked about note taking and described a system of notes I feel would be very helpful to you when you are taking the TOEFL test. This system involved arranging your notes in a pyramidal structure in which you start with the main topic on top and then work down to the details. Below is a description; TOEFL NotesNow, that's a quick description, but accurate enough. I do ask that you refer to my last entry for further reference. This system is perfect for all the integrated tasks for speaking and the integrated writing task. You could even use this for the Independent speaking task as well, but when you have a lot of information to cover, this is probably the best system for the integrated tasks. Now, I did recommend the task for specific integrated tasks in the last post, but I'm going to suggest this for all the integrated tasks. One listening/speaking task will involve a conversation in which a person will have a problem and will be given solutions. You will then be asked, what solution the person should take and why. With this task, I suggest you take notes in this form and it should look something like this; Problem and solution in TOEFL- almost always, there will be some issue which the person will be unable to follow a solution Now, it's very simple, you have the problem noted, the solutions and then any issues the person will have regarding the solution. Now, you will be asked what the problem is and what are the solutions. As you can, you have them easily in front of you. When it comes time to choose the solution you think best, you just simply circle the solution you think the person should take. Don't forget, you will need to answer why you think the person should take the solution you choose. For the integrated task of reading and listening, I suggest you take a new sheet of paper and divide the sheet in half. One side will be devoted to the reading and the other for the audio. You use the same format of note taking for both. In this manner you will have a very clear picture of the main ideas, details and examples for each of these parts. The question you get will always ask for you to have information from both and in this manner you will have a very clear picture. Okay, that's it for now. If you have any questions, comments, feedback, suggestions or even tips, please feel free to email me at Please feel free to check out everything here on for assistance in achieving your goals. is dedicated and committed to your success! Cheers!

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