Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Vocabulary in Context with GRE Preparation

Hello Everyone! All you GRE Aspirants – Are you in good shape? Holiday season is approaching and most of you must have finished your exams, so this is an appropriate time to hang around with friends and have a great time. Even the winter has started to show its charm. Days are becoming shorter and shorter. Sun refuses to wake up from its slumber even till 10 in the morning. So, what has all this got to do with GRE? I just want to say that this is the ideal time to develop a laid back attitude and to water down the hard work that you must have put in, in the previous months. Though holidays are around, spend some time for GRE prep. If not doing some serious study, try to read some good articles or books that may keep you vocabulary fresh in your mind. I stumbled upon an article during my regular readings and I thought that I should share the same with you. This one is from the New York Times entitled A Nose For Words. In this article, the author talks about his first exposure to vocabulary and how he develops an affinity towards it. So, if you are one of those students, who just despair at the mention of some unwieldy words like hortatory, cleave, recondite, my advice for you is to read this article.
In this article, you will come across several good words and most of them are of GRE standard. Some of the words have also been the answers to some official GRE questions. You may even get inspired by the author and also fall in love with vocabulary. Some day you may or may not become an author, but your affair with vocabulary will certainly have a salubrious effect on your GRE score. So, keep visiting TCYonline.com for more tips and tricks on GRE. Remember, we here at TCY are committed to your success.

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