Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Review Your Previous Game Before You Play Your Next

It is quite common in professional sports that players, along with their coaches review the video tapes of their previous games, before they play their next. In business, CEO’s review their strategies, dissect them and also do some sort of “missed opportunity” or “post facto” analysis, so that any untoward things do not recur. Students review professor’s notes on papers to get advice on the common types of errors they are prone to. What is common among all the above mentioned scenarios? No matter what you do, a major component of success is getting constant feedback and taking effective corrective or remedial action as you progress. You should allow some time for the autopsy of any prep material that you have consumed. The reports from your autopsy will work best if you do the following:
  1. Chinks in your armour Create a “why I missed it” chart. Review each question and identify what went wrong. You didn’t know the correct formula or you simply misunderstood the question. Whatever be the reason, make detailed notes about the same. This will allow you to see some patterns and help you focus your studying.
  2. Time consumers and time savers As you go through the explanations, try to see, which questions you approached better and focus on those questions, where you could have saved a lot of time, doing it some other way. Make notes on triggers that you can identify in those problems to remind you of the most efficient plan of attack. Here’s where the benefits of consistent practice come in. Every time you see a new problem, it will look like problems that you have done before.
  3. Reinforce your learning Once you have done your review, come back to this test after some time or try similar tests to reinforce what you have learnt. Ensure that you still remember all the concepts that you had acquired in the previous attempt. You need to build familiarity with the problems before you start recognizing them immediately.
We have experienced these principles functioning well and also producing desired results. We are so convinced with this methodology that we have made it our system of instruction, better known as TCY Analytics Follow every step as mentioned above, religiously, OR Subscribe to TCY Analytics Keep visiting for more tips and tricks on your exams. Remember, we here at TCY are committed to your success.

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